Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful

Making a Difference, One Officer at a Time


The "Small is Beautiful" campaign is founded on the principle that diversity strengthens our organizations and enhances our ability to serve our communities. By actively recruiting and retaining talented members within our communities, we not only reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, but also bring a broader range of perspectives, skills, and experiences to the table.

Join us as we come together to explore how we can enhance officer retention and build stronger, more resilient law enforcement agencies.

5 Ways You Can Support the #SmallisBeautiful Campaign:

Promote Awareness

Spread the word within your network and encourage qualified community members to consider a career in law enforcement. Highlight the opportunities for professional growth, leadership development, and the meaningful impact of your career.

Provide Support

Offer mentorship, guidance, and support to people who are interested in pursuing a career in policing. Share your own experiences, insights, and advice to help them navigate the recruitment process and overcome any challenges they may encounter.

Create Inclusive Policies

Advocate for policies and practices that promote gender diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization. Ensure that recruitment processes are fair, transparent, free from bias, and implement initiatives that support the retention and advancement of all officers.

Celebrate Success

Recognize and celebrate the achievements of all law enforcement personnel, both within your organization and in the broader community. Highlight their contributions, leadership, and impact, and use their stories to inspire others to join your ranks.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously evaluate and refine your recruitment and retention strategies to better attract, support, and retain officers. Solicit feedback within your organization to identify areas for improvement and implement positive change.

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