Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip

5 Attractions at Disney Springs® to Add to Your Itinerary

Shopping at the World of Disney

As the largest Disney character store in the world, World of Disney is a must-visit for Disney fans. The store offers an extensive selection of Disney merchandise, including apparel, accessories, toys, and home décor.

Visit the LEGO Store

Explore the expansive LEGO Store, where you can marvel at impressive LEGO sculptures, participate in building activities, and find an extensive selection of LEGO sets and merchandise.

Entertainment at the House of Blues

Catch live music and entertainment at the House of Blues, which hosts various musical performances, including rock, blues, and contemporary artists. The venue also features a Southern-inspired menu, making it a great spot for dinner and a show.


Exploring the Coca-Cola Store

Discover the world of Coca-Cola through a multi-level store featuring unique merchandise, a rooftop bar with a wide variety of Coca-Cola beverages from around the world, and interactive experiences that celebrate the iconic brand.

Experience the Aerophile

Take a breathtaking ride on the Aerophile, an iconic tethered balloon that ascends 400 feet into the air. Enjoy stunning panoramic views of Walt Disney World Resort and the surrounding areas.